Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm starting to get that sinking feeling again....

Every time I look at Rick Perry, guess who he reminds me of???? Christ, if you close your eyes...he even SOUNDS like him.  I just can't shake the feeling of PR people and spin-gurus playing up that hypnotic, comforting notion of having a very white, rugged male president with a safe, anglo/Euro name. You know...someone you would feel more relaxed to have a beer with as opposed to a dark-skinned, multicultural, educated thinker who has a command of polysyllabic words and deep knowledge of the true history and dire issues of this country and its relations with the world around us. 

Either way...I'm reminded more and more of that old South Park episode where the kids were trying to choose a new mascot for the school...and their 2 choices came down to either a turd sandwich....or a giant douche.  No matter how old I get, this lesser of the 2 evils thing just kills me. Is it too much to hope for a progressive candidate who would really walk-his-talk, hold-fast and advocate more for labor, the poor and disenfranchised citizens of this country than banks, corporations and the wealthy??  Do you think Perry likes to jump into his jeans and clear brush on his ranch just in time for the clicks of the cameras, too??

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