Thursday, September 22, 2011

And Happy B-day to you, too, Nick Cave! x0x

...God exists, but he ain't talkin'...

 I'm so glad he survived his darker, self-destructive days to evolve into the incredible artist he has become .  I remember a show when someone threw a bottle of pills on stage and he downed the whole bottle not knowing what they were.  I've loved his music ever since the early days with The Boys Next Door in the 70's.  Seriously dug the Birthday Party -- one of my absolute favorite shows of the early 80's was seeing them play at my fave punk club in '81 ('82?). LOVED the Bad Seeds (although I had some troubles with the last several albums after Let Love In -- with the exceptions of No More Shall We Part and the stellar Dig, Lazarus, Dig).  And now this new project with Grinderman has blown my mind completely.  It's like he's found himself all over again.  Great garage noise of the Birthday Party blended with the great dark post-punk of the Bad Seeds and so much more added to the sonic gumbo. If you haven't heard their 2 albums yet they're definitely worth checking out.  I can't wait to hear what's next -- and that includes the great soundtrack work he's been doing with Warren Ellis, too.  Brilliant stuff.

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