Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God's Away On Business...BUSINESS.

Here's to a mighty special man who entered this world today in 1949. I've loved him ever since I watched him on The Mike Douglas Show way back when. Those curls. That hat. Those fingers. That voice. For as much as I was falling deeper and deeper in love with punk rock, I was totally fascinated by the music he was creating and the depth of his character. What do people say about wine getting better with age?? Not a lot of musicians and singers fall in-line with that analogy...but Tom is definitely one of them. We are so blessed to have him here.

This is seriously one of my favorite Tom Waits songs...and one of the coolest, creative music videos I love.

*And here's another fave from an old Letterman show -- perfect slice of what his live shows have been like all these years:

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