Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Would Jello Do?????

Some great thoughts on walking-our-talk, boycotts and this infuckinsanity we've all been watching for all of these years from blowhards like Limboob and other hateful media-savvy right-wingers.  I'm heartened to see the way people have really begun to mobilize, but I still can't help but wonder what the hell took so long.  Like the umpteenth, frothing racist statements he's said??  Like the umpteenth anti-gay jokes he's told??  Like the umpteenth anti-woman "feminazi" remarks he's made over all of these years???  Has anyone else been very careful about diving head-first into the warm, welcoming waters of schadenfreude as we're watching all of this shit unfold??  I'm sooooooo tempted. SOOOOOOOO extreeeeeemely tempted.  But I want to really see where the dust is going to settle.  This isn't over.  

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